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Woman cuts out rapist father's pacemaker with broken glass

The Hindustan Times reported an unusually gruesome murder in west Delhi involving an Indian woman and her two friends. Kulvinder Kaur, 23, is accused of having her father killed in retaliation for him allegedly raping her. Not only did her two accomplices beat him to death, Kaur used a piece of broken glass to pull out her father’s pacemaker to ensure he was dead. The pacemaker was attached to the victim’s heart.

An Indian woman arranged to have her rapist father killed. She then cut out his pacemaker with a piece of glass.
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Kauer admitted to arranging the plot to murder her father, Daljeet Singh, while he slept. She said that her father began sexually abusing her after her mother had died three years ago. She enlisted the help of two male friends. On April 30, Kauer left her door unlocked so the two friends could sneak into her father’s house.

Once inside, the two friends brutally assaulted and beat Singh to death with a cricket stump. After killing Sing, the trio removed the victim’s pacemaker and wrapped the body inside a sheet. They dumped the body in a wooded area.

However, authorities found the badly beaten body and eventually identified Singh through photographs. When police confronted Kauer about the crime, she confessed. Read more about this grisly story in the Hindustan Times.

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