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Woman crashes into restaurant, truck crashes into TV station

Two unlikely incidents of crashes occurred within a week that have left police and news sources baffled.

Woman crashes into restaurant

Danny's Restaurant, located at 6200 Oxon Hill Road, now has structural damage due to a woman driving her vehicle into the eatery.

The incident happened yesterday, a little after midnight. What is peculiar about the accident is there are posted bars in front of the restaurant that prevents drivers from entering.

Prince Georges County police are investigating the mishap. There was a woman inside the establishment when the accident occurred but she was not seriously injured. The driver was not injured at all.

More on this story can be watched on the video.

Truck crashes into television station

On May 13 a man who is now described as mentally unstable crashed a truck into Baltimore news station WMAR Channel 2, an ABC affiliate. The actual location of the news station is 6400 York Road in Towson, Md.

Vladimir Mehul Baptiste, 28, rammed the truck reported stolen into the lobby of the news station. Despite the crash, barricade and alarm that followed, there were no injuries and employees were transferred to a safer place.

The Associated Press reported the following on –

Michael Marion was in his office off WMAR-TV’s lobby when he heard someone rattling violently against the security door about 11:45 a.m. The man demanded to be let in, claiming “I am God, I am God,” Marion said.

“I heard a series of crashes,” Marion said. “The next thing, I looked in the lobby, and the only thing between truck and the lobby was the final door. I heard one final crash. I looked through the door, and by then the truck was pulling in the lobby.”

It’s very clear the subject is suffering from emotional or mental health issues,” Police Chief James Johnson said.

According to the Baltimore Sun, Baptiste has been hospitalized due to his mental illness. The full story can be read below.

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