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Woman convicted of tossing dog into traffic, killing dog

A Shi Tzu like the one pictured was killed after being tossed into traffic.
facebook/Shi-Tzu Community

Haniyyah Barnes pleaded guilty to charges of animal cruelty, burglary and theft and tossing a dog she took from a neighbors home into traffic.The dog was killed during this incident.

A police officer was in a patrol car near the crime as it unfolded. It was revealed that Barnes, who lives in Newark, New Jersey, had argued with a neighbor over a parking space.

Barnes entered the home of the neighbor, taking the 2 year old dog while the neighbor begged her not to harm the pet. Barnes was accused of tossing the dog into traffic and the dog was killed.

The officer witnessing the crime committed by Haniyyah Barnes arrested Barnes at the scene.

This is a story that outraged animal lovers everywhere, with most hoping that Barnes would be convicted of the crimes she had been charged with.

The following details were shared in the Star-Ledger of Newark:

A Newark police officer who was sitting in a patrol vehicle saw what happened and immediately arrested Barnes, who acknowledged in court that the neighbor had followed her outside, begging her to stop and not hurt the dog.

"It was a horrific crime and I think the punishment reflects that," Essex County Assistant Prosecutor Michele Miller told the newspaper after the hearing. "She broke into someone's home and killed their dog and they watched it happen. Not too many things are more disturbing than that."

Prosecutors are recommending 6 years in prison for Haniyyah Barnes, who will be sentenced in July of 2014. Barnes would also pay restitution to the victim and would not be allowed to own animals for 10 years.

The dog pictured here was shared by the Shi-tzu community and is not a photo of Honey Beh, the dog killed by Haniyyah Barnes.

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