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Woman committed to psych ward after she scares herself with ghost app

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A woman had to seek psychiatric care last month after using a cell phone application to look for ghosts. She was scared so bad that she suffered from insomnia and hallucinations and had to be sent to a hospital for an evaluation, the Global Times reported on April 7.

A 23-year-old woman by the name of Wu from Wuhan, the capital of Central China's Hubei Province, was using a cell phone application called "Ghost Detector" to search for spirits on Chinese Memorial Day. The application supposedly scans the area to finds ghosts and displays blob-like blips on a radar display.

Wu claimed that she found three spirits while using the cell phone application. After her experience, she was so scared that she suffered from insomnia and had hallucinations. Wu was eventually taken to Hankou Hospital to undergo a psychiatric evaluation.

Hankou Hospital's Chief Psychiatrist Hu Honghui diagnosed Wu with phasmophobia which is a fear of ghosts. Honghui says that Wu's fear of spirits goes back to certain events in her childhood. Wu's parents used ghost stories to scare her to prevent her from misbehaving.

According to the application's developer, the description says it detects ghosts, demons, and entities from up to nine miles by using radar and acts as a medium between the user and various types of spirits. The application also has a feature that allows ghosts to communicate with the user. There is also a disclaimer that says it is meant to be used for entertainment purposes only.

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