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Woman claims that her pit bull saved her from a mountain lion

Dog killed by mountain lion
Mountain-Prairie Region. US Fish and Wildlife Service. US Department of the Interior

A Chico, Calif., woman is mourning the loss of her devoted dog who she credits with saving her life, reported Monday's Action News Now.

On Saturday afternoon, Rachel Athos and a friend were hiking along the picturesque Yahi trail in Bidwell Park with Athos' pit bull mix, "Lexi."

Seemingly out of nowhere, the threesome encountered a large mountain lion; Athos described what she saw:

“[It was] crouched over, eyes dilated, and ears back… within an arm’s length away from myself and my roommate,”

Athos' dog quickly put her body between the wild cat and the girls - thanks to the protective dog's actions, the girls were able to escape up the mountain.

Sadly, just a short time later, Lexi's final cries were heard - Athos stated:

“It was the loudest I've ever heard her in my life. The tone was definitely that she was going [away].”

Though an extensive search of the area was conducted over the weekend, Lexi's remains were never located.

Athos final memory of her loyal companion is of her chasing the mountain lion away and allowing her to survive.

She stated:

"I feel like we are alive today because my dog loved me more than herself,”

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