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Woman charged with asking Facebook friend to kill family

Woman asked fake Facebook friend to kill family
Woman asked fake Facebook friend to kill family
Tuscaloosa County Sheriff's Office

On Wednesday, June 11, CNN reported that a woman from Alabama was charged with asking a Facebook friend to kill her family. The Facebook friend turned out to be the woman’s aunt who was pretending to be a man.

Marissa Williams, 19, has been charged with one count of solicitation for murder which is a class-A felony. Her alleged plot involved killing several of her relatives and even a family pet. Should she be convicted, she will face a possibility of 10 years to life in prison.

According to police, the trouble started when Williams moved in with her aunt’s family in April. At that time, she began meeting men online and inviting them to the house. Her behavior prompted her aunt to create the fake Facebook page.

Tuscaloosa County Sheriff’s office spokesman, Lieutenant Andy Norris revealed that using the name, Tre ‘Topdog’ Ellis, the aunt befriended her niece. Williams and “Topdog” being chatting online and last month she invited him to her aunt’s house to have sex with her. She agreed to have sex with him in exchange for him covering her $50 cell phone bill.

During their chats, Williams told Ellis she was sick of her family. She then asked him to shoot her aunt, her aunt’s fiancée, her cousin and the family dog. She then wanted to run away with him. Seeing the request, William’s aunt contacted the sheriff’s department.

Williams has admitted to the police that she asked her Facebook friend for the favor. She claims that she never had any intention of having any of her family killed. Norris stated that the way William’s approached her “hitman” isn’t typical behavior.

Norris said, “Usually they try to get a friend or an acquaintance to do it, someone they can trust. This isn’t normal behavior.

Williams was arrested and is being held in jail in lieu of a $30,000 bond. Tuscaloosa County District Attorney’s Office spokesman stated that she is expected to appear in court later this week.

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