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Woman charged after leaving dog hanging from door knob in Arizona

Ryder beginning her recovery after being removed from abusive caretaker.
Ryder beginning her recovery after being removed from abusive caretaker.
Arizona Humane Society

On Saturday evening, Arizona police officers discovered a severely neglected dog hanging from a door knob in a Phoenix home where they were responding to a domestic dispute call.

Phoenix officer James Holmes said in a news release today, “During the initial investigation officers noticed a severely emaciated dog attached to the door knob of one of the bedrooms with a very large, linked chain as a collar and leash combination. The chain had been applied so tightly only the dog's hind feet could touch the floor.” Holmes also reported that the dog, a 2 year old named Ryder, did not have any food or water and appeared to be extremely malnourished.

Ryder was removed from the residence and brought to the Arizona Humane Society where she is in critical condition and being treated by veterinarians. Ryder’s bones can be seen through her skin and the veterinarian thinks she may have organ damage from the neglect. The Humane Society reported that she is doing as well as could be expected. They hope to nurse her back to health and then find a loving home to give her a second chance.

Ryder’s caretaker, Corina Ann Martinez denied that Ryder was her dog on Saturday. She claimed it belonged to someone else and that she had been chained to the door because she was vicious. Later, Martinez admitted the treatment of Ryder was cruel. Martinez has been arrested and faces one count of felony animal cruelty.