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Woman captures ghostly figure on camera while on a Skype date with her boyfriend

Woman captures ghostly figure on camera while on a Skype date with her boyfriend
Woman captures ghostly figure on camera while on a Skype date with her boyfriend
Photos courtesy of Carolyn Day

A woman got quite a scare during a Skype date with her boyfriend after she noticed an eerie angelic figure appear behind him while chatting. She sent the photo to the paranormal website Ghost Study to be analyzed this week.

Carolyn Day recently submitted a photo to Ghost Study of what she believes to be evidence of the supernatural. In the photo, an eerie figure is seen lurking in the background of her boyfriend's living room.

"This was May of 2012. I was 'Skyping' with my boyfriend and saw something move in the background. I told him not to turn around and look at it, and I took these two screenshots within seconds. I see very little in the second one but in the first one there is definitely something in the doorway," Day said to Jim Eaton of Ghost Study.

According to Day, her boyfriend was recently diagnosed with leukemia when the photo was taken. She believes that the figure could be a guardian angel.

"I believe that it is something significant. It looks like a woman in a dress to me. I believe in this kind of phenomena, especially after this experience. I recently bought a new laptop and was saving all my old pictures from my old laptop and was reunited with these two pictures as well. My boyfriend in the photo died two months ago after a tough battle with leukemia so my friends said maybe that's a guardian angel behind him. I don't know. This pic was two years prior to his diagnosis," Day said.

"It was a treat to see Carolyn's pictures. This could very well be, as Carolyn suggests, something significant. Possibly an angel but most likely a visiting spirit or live-in ghost. Of course we must also consider the possibility of a 'live' person passing by rather swiftly, but according to the witness, that's not a consideration. With that said, the anomaly in question, does actually have the characteristics and attributes of what could be considered ghostly and spiritual," Eaton said in response to the photo.

What do you think the eerie figure is? Is it a real person? Is it a hoax? Could it be a ghost? Sound off with opinions in the comment section below.

For more ghostly photos and scary stories, visit Ghost Study's website and be sure to check out Jim Eaton's book The Best Of Ghosts Caught On Film.

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