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Woman calls police over ice cream cone: Insipid 911 call over lack of sprinkles

An ice cream cone emergency: Woman calls 911 when she doesn't get enough sprinkles.
Photo by David Paul Morris/Getty Images

When a woman called 999 in Britain, which is the equivalent to 911 in the U.S., she thought she had a little emergency on her hands. The woman called to say that she had just purchased an ice cream cone from a vender in an ice cream truck, but something was very wrong. Upon inspection she found that it only had sprinkles on one half of her cone, but not the other. She was irate and wanted help, according to Time News on June 3.

This is almost as urgent as having a bad hair day, having half of the ice cream cone missing sprinkles. The woman told the police dispatcher that the vender refused to fix her cone and make it look normal, which would mean putting sprinkles on the bare parts of her ice cream. The vendor refused, getting this woman even more aggravated.

Now she wanted the man to take back the ice cream cone and give her back her money. The man refused telling her she had to take the cone the way it was. Apparently the customer is not always right in a case like this. The 999 operator was calm and explained to the woman that this line was for real emergencies, like the ones that are between life and death.

According to the today, Chief Superintendent Jim Andronov said: "If someone is trying to get through to report a genuine life or death emergency, then a minute is a very long time to wait." He is trying to stress to the public that this line is to save lives and not a complaint line for all the little wrongs that fall upon you in the course of a day.

The West Midline Police Department in England released the ice cream 999 call. The police have been releasing the ridiculous calls that they field from time to time from people who are not in an emergency situation, but demand immediate help.

They are trying to raise awareness that these calls waste time when someone else could be injured or sick and needing the emergency attention. They have gotten calls about some of the most ludicrous situations, like the man who called because the prostitute he hired wasn't attractive enough. Did he really think there was a department that handle this type of complaint?

They also had someone call and rant about "undercooked waffles." It looks as if this unsatisfied ice cream customer made it to the hall of fame for the most insipid 999 emergency calls!

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