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Woman calls Dr Browne about her dog/cat hoarding brother, then show goes berserk

This is an image that Bing images found somehow off YouTube. It was relevant to the article.
This is an image that Bing images found somehow off YouTube. It was relevant to the article.

On the Dr Joy show on Wednesday this week on MyTalk, Joy Browne talked to an elderly woman with a very shaky voice who complained about her 64-year-old brother who had 30 cats/dogs, most of which died.... now he had 8 cats and 2 dogs, one of the cats having a tumor. The woman was worried about him for that matter, as well as for not paying his property taxes, which he admitted to her he didn't pay and did something else with his money that wasn't easy to understand from listening to the show the one time.

Browne suggested the woman contacts ASPCA to come to her brother's place and check on the dogs, if not to approach him and suggest to bring the cat with the tumor to the vet herself. She was scared to talk to him because, as she expressed - the brother stopped speaking to her back in '08 when she opposed to him taking their father's belongings after he passed away. The caller explained - it was she who was given executor's legal rights, not he.

Joy's assistant then read an email from someone asking if she should stick to her shrink or leave him/her, since the shrink reaffirmed her feelings, rather than... and then the show turned into static, then music, then Joy's words "Can you hear me? Guys, can you hear me?" then commercials.

When the live show finally came back, after many-many commercials, Joy tried to reassure her listeners that she's OK and she'll keep them all "calm." Apparently, the tech problems were supposed to make us, listeners very-very stressed out. She did handle it well, though - she joked that technology sometimes reacts badly to heat, just like humans, and that their technology decided to send sparks flying, to do their own fireworks, but a bit late.

The most ironic part was that the elevator music Joy assumed we were to listen to only lasted for one very mellow song, after which commercials ensued until the show returned.

Oh, what a day!

P.S.: Joy's show is on from midnight to 3am on weekdays and midnight-to-8am on Saturdays on My Talk, 107.1 FM. Browne is a radio psychologist. She gets calls normally about how to handle a difficult family member or friend.

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