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Woman breastfeeds dying puppy as 'last resort,' saves his life

A Colorado woman is making news this week after she posted a story (along with a photo) about how she breastfed a dying newborn puppy. The woman -- who has taken a lot of heat for her actions -- said that a sort of "maternal instinct" kicked in when the runt of an orphaned litter wouldn't eat or drink out of a bowl or a bottle. According to a video report by NewsFix, the woman's quick thinking (if that's what you want to call it) actually saved the dog's life.

"I never thought I would ever do that, that's just something... it was taboo to me. I guess you could call it, in a sense, like a maternal instinct," explained the woman. While she does say that she was embarrassed (despite sharing the story online), she says she's glad she did it because the puppy is alive and well.

Naturally this has caused a lot of controversy and many people wonder why the woman just didn't bring the dog to the vet -- but maybe she couldn't afford it or maybe she didn't have time. Anyway, do you think what the woman did was wrong?

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