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Woman breaks out car window with a shoe to free overheated dog

Good Samaritan broke out car window to save dog
Good Samaritan broke out car window to save dog
Screen shot via WHAM news

When a woman in Rochester, N.Y., saw a distressed dog locked inside of a parked vehicle earlier this week, she literally took matters into her own hands, reported Thursday's WHAM 13 News.

After calling the police, and alerting Wegmans' store security about the small poodle which appeared to be suffering from excessive heat in the car, Elizabeth Gibson made the decision to take action because nobody was responded in a timely manner. Gibson removed one of her shoes and began to beat on a window until it broke; she was able to remove the poodle from the car's interior.

Gibson described to WHAM News what the dog looked like while still inside of the vehicle:

That dog was displaying a purplish tongue and staggering in the back seat and that's when I knew something had to happen,”

“I took off my shoe and hit the window.

According to WHEC News, Gibson took the overheated dog into the store and found cold water to help cool her body; she told the news agency:

“Her skin was so hot to the touch, I was scared it was too late.”

Fortunately, being freed from the car and doused in cool water was enough to save the dog. The poodle's owner, who was said to be "in tears" over what happened, was eventually located and reunited with the dog.

Nobody was charged for the incident - not the good Samaritan who broke the window, or the people who left the dog locked in the car while they shopped. Gibson has stated that she would do it again, if necessary - she stated:

I was acting after going through certain steps which made me feel better and I don't feel at all guilty of doing anything wrong,”

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