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Woman in bikini avoids TSA frisk at LAX

Corinne Theile in black bikini under long black coat at LAX on Wednesday morning, November 24.
Corinne Theile in black bikini under long black coat at LAX on Wednesday morning, November 24.
Screen capture from YouTube video

Add the name Corinne Theile to the short but growing list of those who faced TSA inspectors but came out smelling like roses.

Ms. Theile, from Hollywood, CA, has found a solution to intrusive TSA pat-downs by wearing a bikini to the airport. The attractive marketing consultant, who works in the food and beverage industry in Los Angeles, showed up at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) early on Wednesday, November 24 dressed in a simple black two-piece swimsuit under her black coat, while smiling radiantly at airport security screeners.

Theile told NBC about her airport experience on the day of the anemic national TSA screening opt out that turned out to be a non event. "The woman looked at me and said, 'Girl, you wearing a bikini. Come right through,'" said the 31-year-old, a graduate of American University in Washington, DC. "She had a big smile on her face. I think this might be the way I travel from here on out," Ms. Theile added.

Actually, we all have a big smile on our faces. Traveling through airports may just be fun once again.

Anytime you match a beautiful woman with a lovely smile, who just happens to be wearing a bikini that leaves nothing to the imagination, against airport screeners who have seen it all, it turns out to be no contest. Bikini 1, TSA 0. End of game.

As Ms. Theile told a TV reporter, "It's not that I'm concerned, it's that I feel like the TSA is making travelers feel uncomfortable, and I feel like we can have security measures that don't make people feel uncomfortable."

Theile lists her specialties as international marketing, partnership marketing, retail programming, media buying, event sponsorship, and field marketing. To that list, she could easily add "thinking outside the box," "charming airport security staff," and "looking smashing in a bikini." There may even be a marketing campaign brewing around this theme.

When not coping with airport security, Theile competes in triathlon races. On her MySpace profile her screen name is "Ironman Corinne," which indicates her competitive spirit and zest for life. Here's a person who is "all in" 100% of the time. "If God invented marathons to keep people from doing anything more stupid, the triathlon must have taken him completely by surprise," is her lead quote.

Be sure to watch the slide show and video which accompany this article, travel light, and ladies, get out your own bikinis. Guys, I'm sorry, but that's the best advice I have to offer. Just don't substitute Calvin Klein cycle briefs for bikinis. That's already been tried at San Diego International Airport with less than favorable results.

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  • Profile picture of Richard Webster
    Richard Webster 4 years ago

    I certainly hope all able-bodied women will follow suit.

  • Profile picture of Terry Hurlbut
    Terry Hurlbut 4 years ago

    Comedy aside, the real reason why the opt-out protest was "a non-event" was that the TSA failed to implement their plans to subject all travelers to the enhanced screening. Reports everywhere say that the scanners were non-operative at least half the time.

  • Profile picture of Lindsay Godfree
    Lindsay Godfree 4 years ago

    Great idea! Everyone should fly in bikini and swimwear.

  • Profile picture of ironboltbruce
    ironboltbruce 4 years ago

    I was in Aylesbury--a quaint little duck-loving town in Buckinghamshire chock-full of disarmingly friendly people and Anglo-Saxon history, but a wee bit lacking in memorable pubs--when the three World Trade Center buildings were brought down on 11 September 2001. My last name wasn't Bush or Bin Laden, so my stay in Merry Olde England was extended several days as I waited anxiously along with thousands of other American expatriates for an opening on any flight back to Sweet Mother Texas and my loved ones. And with the sad August 2008 exception of one flight home to my current digs in Miami after blowing Hidalgo's engine in the Chihuahuan Desert attempting another BBG 3000, "9-11" marked the end of commercial air travel for me.

    Nowadays if I need to get from anywhere to anywhere on the continent, a motorcycle is my primary--nay, exclusive--means of motorized transportation. Rain or shine, it's worth the extra time. And compared to the headaches, humiliations and horrors of post-9/11 TSA goodie grabs ... chronic departure delays ... tarmac torture sessions ... and peanut-free (Hell, nothing's free) no-frills airline flights, that "extra time" can be a small price to pay. Allow me to explain:

    According to the Bureau of Transportation Statistics (, in 2009 the average non-stop distance flown per departure for U.S. domestic commercial flights was 618.6 miles, or roughly the bee-line distance from Miami, Florida to Atlanta, Georgia. According to, flying American Airlines coach class direct non-stop from Miami to Atlanta will cost you $79.00 with a "flight time" of 2 hours. Your door-to-door trip time, of course, will entail a lot more than just the stated flight time. First you must travel to the airport, which can easily take 30 minutes. Next comes "airport processing" and, believe it or not, according to, "The average time it takes to enter an airport terminal, check in, clear TSA security and board [an] aircraft within the U.S. is approximately three (3) hours." Then, after spending all that time being handled and herded like beef on the hoof, and quite possibly felt up like a teen queen on a second date, Time Magazine ( says to be prepared for an average flight delay of 57 minutes somewhere between actually boarding, finally taking off, flying the distance and then actually touching down. Add to that an hour or more to deplane, grab your bag, and rent a car or catch a cab to take you to your final destination, and your total door-to-door time flying from Miami to Atlanta could easily exceed 8 hours.


    But what if--instead of having to endure 8 hours of degradation and discomfort with your fate and maybe even your junk in somebody else's hands--you twisted your own throttle and RODE from Miami to Atlanta? According to Google Maps (, you'd be looking at a ride of 661 miles that should take you 10 hours and 44 minutes. Gas and out-of-pocket expenses for the ride should be less than what you'd pay to fly. So in this example, riding instead of flying would cost you a little under 3 hours but maybe save you a little cash.

    The trade-offs to consider, however, go beyond time and money. Given the choice, for instance, how would you rather spend an entire day: Subjecting yourself to the pains of being processed, inspected, stamped and transported like so much meat? Or enjoying the pleasures of the wind in your face, a thundering engine beneath you, and the open road ahead of you? And what about privacy and practicality? Would you rather pack what you really wanted and needed to take with you, or worry about whether your shaving cream, pocket knife or party favors will make it through security? And last but not least, just how much individual freedom and personal dignity are you willing to sacrifice in return for a questionable promise of protection from some ethereal "terrorist threat" that may or may not exist? Would you rather spend 8 hours being confined, controlled and at the mercy of an inept and unaccountable bureaucracy, or 11 hours with the controls of your bike and your fate in your hands?

    Yes, I freely concede that for many of your trips the distance will be too far, the travel time too long, or the weather and road conditions too poor for riding to be a practical alternative to flying. But I'll wager that for most of you there will be just as many trips where freedom of the road would be a better choice than flying the fascist skies.

    Bruce Arnold

    Follow Bruce at and

  • Neala S 4 years ago

    Sigh - I don't look that good in a bikini. And it's darn cold in ABQ in winter.

    I love what she did, but I'd like the TSA to get real on their security procedures.

  • Profile picture of Terra King
    Terra King 4 years ago

    I think she's brilliant. It's to the gym for me...going to Hawaii next year and don't want that pat down!

  • Disgusted 4 years ago

    Wonder what the TSA reaction would have been if a plus-sized woman did this and what the writer's comment would be. Would flying be as much fun?

  • bevmucha 4 years ago

    Ah, bikinis are for some and not all. Would the same reaction happen if all shapes and sizes were strutting in skimpy bathing suits? Are men now going to wear bikini bottoms too? She was able to pull this off but I am sure if more do it they will come up with some new embarrassing measure in the screening process.

    Winona Cooking Examiner
    Winona Home and Living Examiner

  • Profile picture of denise100
    denise100 4 years ago

    the TSA jobs don't seem that bad after all...

  • Anonymous 4 years ago

    I would have checked under the Bikini for liquids

  • Profile picture of Charles Higgins
    Charles Higgins 4 years ago

    I love this article..


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