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Woman as Healer = Good Medicine

I have been reading a book on the history of woman healers - Woman As Healer: A panoramic survey of the healing activities of women from prehistoric times to the present by Jeanne Achterberg. It is a very interesting book as well very surprising in some ways. Did you know that there were women healers in the prehistoric civilization of Sumer as well as in Ancient Greece and during Ancient Rome? I thought that maybe there were some, but not on the scale that Ms. Achterberg describes in her book. Did you know that in the early days of Christianity, women had opportunities to be healers? I did not know that either. As I said, I thought there were some women healers, but I also thought that most of them were men back then.

There were changes in the order and hierarchy of civilizations as well as with religions. Women slowly but surely were prohibited from practicing the healing arts; or they were just not taught them anymore. This does have much to do with the fact that men were making these decisions. However, I also believe that it had much to do with women also holding their fellow women back and not standing up to the men and also the other women that were stating that women were not intelligent enough or just were not permitted to practice these arts.

Maybe cures to certain diseases or other ailments would have been found a lot faster if women had been allowed to continue to practice the healing arts. There were centuries and centuries during which they were not allowed to do so. If they did, they were often underground for fear of being labeled witches, agents of Satan, crazy, or just improper as women.

There were also many men that supported women being healers. These men were ridiculed for their beliefs. All of these ridiculous actions caused medicine to be behind for a long time. Something works best and moves forward when you allow everyone to learn, participate, and contribute ideas. While there are still struggles at times, women are now permitted once again to be medically and holistically educated, and to share their ideas and findings on how to treat and cure diseases. Both men and women working together on the fights against and treatments of diseases is the best medicine.

Also pick up the book to increase your own medical and holistic education...

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