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Woman arrested for stealing seven lobster tails in her pants for Chinese buffet

Not just one or two, but seven lobsters in your pants is a bit much.
Not just one or two, but seven lobsters in your pants is a bit much.
Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images

A woman from Deland, Florida was arrested on Wednesday, June 12, 2014, for stealing from a local Publix store. While this may not seem like huge news, it is strange in the fact that police said they arrested her for stuffing seven lobster tails down her pants and leaving the Publix, per WESH.

The arrest affidavit for Nichole Reed stated that the woman entered the Publix on South Woodland Boulevard in Deland, and was witnessed putting the seven lobster tails into her pants. To be exact, she was putting them into the front area of her pants.

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The lobster tails from Publix were priced at $11.99 each and came to a grand total of $83.99

Reed was spotted almost immediately putting the lobster tails into her pants. Security in the Publix said that she walked around the store for a while and then proceeded to leave without paying for them.

Police were contacted and they ended up finding Reed not too far away from the Publix and arresting her/ Upon her arrest, Reed not only confessed to stealing the lobsters, but she let the police know what her plans for them were.

Reed said she stole the lobsters because she had plans to trade them to a friend for some money. She was going to then use the money to "possibly buy Chinese buffet or dilaudid."

Nichole Reed was charged with petty theft of a merchant.

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