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Woman arrested for intentionally abandoning her puppy for several weeks

Hank shortly after being rescued
The Arrow Fund Facebook page

According to Tuesday's WDRB News, a Kentucky woman who is accused of intentionally abandoning her mastiff puppy inside of a house for several weeks, was arrested on Monday.

Police claim that 22-year-old Madeleine Cornish left her six-month-old mastiff puppy, "Benson" without food, water or care, inside of a Jefferson County, Ky., house earlier this summer. According to the Inquisitr, Cornish, who is a former MTV reality television "star," of Baby High, was in the midst of moving when Benson was abandoned.

By the time that the woman returned to the pup, he was severely emaciated and dehydrated. The arrest warrant highlights the puppy's dire condition after being neglected:

"Benson had a body score of 1, which is the lowest and worst on the body condition score chart used by veterinarians,"

"Benson's ribs, lumbar vertebrae, pelvic bones and all body prominences [were] evident from a distance with no discernible body fat."

Cornish is accused of more ill-treatment of the puppy...upon discovering his poor state of health, police claim that Benson was not taken to a veterinarian for care, but instead, abandoned on the street. The pup, dubbed "Hank," was found and taken in by The Arrow Fund, who shortly after his rescue reported:

Hank is such a wonderful boy - His spirit is fantastic and it is clear that he has so much love to give! You can bet he is now receiving all the love in the world!

The pup has continued to gain weight and thrive under the rescue agency's care. Hank's alleged abuser is facing a misdemeanor charge of second degree cruelty to animals and a felony charge for tampering with physical evidence.

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