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Police detain woman for having loud sex on Virgin airline flight

Actors on tailwing of Virgin aircraft.
Actors on tailwing of Virgin aircraft.
Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Las Vegas - Many argue that what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. On the other hand, those wishing to join the mile-high club aboard Virgin Atlantic flights to Vegas may be disappointed at the level of discretion afforded them.

A British woman flying with her parents to Vegas aboard a Virgin Atlantic flight last week learned firsthand that engaging in loud sex with a stranger in a cramped lavatory can be anything but discrete.

The woman in her 20s was reportedly drunk, rowdy and so swept up in lovemaking with a man she met on the flight that noises of their extemporaneous, airborne sexual romp disturbed passengers within earshot of the aircraft’s tiny loo.

"They went to the bathroom and people could hear loud noises," a passenger from the plane told the Sun. “The cabin crew forced the door open. Then she really kicked off, screaming drunken abuse. She was shackled to her seat.”

Perhaps it was too much to expect discretion in such a matter, particularly when one is aboard an airline called Virgin anything, but it was hands-down stupid to pull such a stunt with your parents flying in the same aircraft.

When the plane landed the woman was hauled off of by Metro Police but let go with a warning. Despite her membership in the mile-high club coming with a set of handcuffs and with the entire expo unfolding before her parents and fellow passengers, police did not disclose her name or file an arrest report.

For her part, Virgin Atlantic spokeswoman Laura Kilroy told FOX5 that the airline doesn’t tolerate disruptive passengers."The safety and welfare of our passengers and crew is the airline's top priority," Kilroy said.

It was not clear whether the omission of an arrest report had anything at all to do with the Las Vegas motto, “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” since the woman’s alleged mile-high membership was earned over the Pacific ocean outside city limits.

Incredibly, according to the New York Post, Virgin’s CEO, Sir Richard Branson, once famously hinted that mile-high sex was OK by him, adding, “We’re not the type of airline that bangs on bathroom doors.”

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