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Woman arrested after posting selfie on Facebook wearing stolen merchandise

According to the New York Daily News on Monday, an Illinois woman was arrested after posting a selfie wearing a dress she had allegedly stolen. Danielle Saxton is said to have stolen a leopard-print dress along with other merchandise from Mortie’s Boutique in downtown West Frankfort early this month.

Hours after the theft, the pregnant 27-year-old reportedly uploaded four images of herself wearing the stolen dress on her Facebook page. She went so far as to make one of the photos her profile picture.

The store’s co-owner Kert Williams posted details about the theft on the store's Facebook page. When viewers saw the two postings, they made the connection and called the local police. When officers raided Saxton’s house, she was allegedly found with the clothes in her hand.

Saxton probably would never have been caught if she had not posted a selfie on Facebook wearing the dress she had stolen. In all, she stole a dress, a couple of shirts, and some jewelry. The woman was arrested but later released from jail on her own recognizance.

NBC News also reported on Monday that Saxton was charged with theft under $500 and failure to appear in court for an unrelated pre-existing warrant. The store owner said she installed security cameras just two months ago because she suspected potential shoplifters. A couple of other shoplifters were caught as well from the security cameras but not from any Facebook postings.

People criticized the pregnant woman first of all for stealing, and secondly for posting pictures of her wearing the dress on Facebook. One person said Saxon is not only a thief, but she’s a dumb thief and she’s a pregnant dumb thief. Hopefully, Saxon has learned from this experience and will not steal again. Surely, she has learned about not post a selfie wearing the merchandise.

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