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Woman and dog pulled from sinkhole in backyard: Woman falls in and finds dog

A woman plunged into a 20-foot deep sinkhole looking for her dog in her Portland, Oregon backyard Tuesday night. When she fell to the bottom of that sinkhole she was reunited with her dog, apparently that is why he wasn’t coming as she called him.

Woman and dog pulled from backyard sinkhole.
YouTube screen shot

According to MSN News on Feb 19, the woman started screaming for help and a passerby called 911. The fire department arrived and first hoisted the dog up on a rope. Then a ladder was placed in the hole and the woman was able to crawl out of the dark watery bowels of the earth.

Neither the woman nor her poodle-mix dog were harmed. It is not known how the sinkhole in her backyard came to be, but officials are investigating the three-foot wide, 20-foot deep backyard hole.

This happened about 7:30 p.m. when the dog wasn’t coming to the woman as she called him. Looking around the yard for the dog, the woman didn’t see the sinkhole that had just opened up and fell in. She is lucky to be pulled out safely as many of these holes collapse in on themselves as they continue to grow.

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