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Woman almost loses finger in parking spot dispute at local mall

Cherry Hill Mall suspect
Cherry Hill Mall suspect
surveillance photo

Saturday a woman nearly lost her finger in a dispute over a parking spot at the Cherry Hill Mall in South New Jersey.

The victim, Tonya Knight, 42, of Northeast Philadelphia pulled into a parking slot outside the Bahama Breeze near Nordstrom's hoping to go into the restaurant get a bit to eat. Unfortunately, she herself was bitten.

On exiting her vehicle, Knight was accosted by two irate women, who cursed her and called her names. One of the woman got into Knight's face, and the pushing started.

During the scuffle that ensued, Knight's finger somehow got into her attacker's mouth. When Knight complained after her attacker bit down, she was told, "that's what you get for taking the parking spot, you bitch."

Knight managed to extricate her digit from the woman's mouth, which was then hanging from her hand by a thin strap of flesh and followed her attacker into Nordstrom's. After loosing her attacker when the woman entered the mall, Knight called 911.

The suspect, who is now wanted on aggravated assault charges, was caught on mall security surveillance tapes. She is described as being a heavy set black woman in her mid thirties with bushy hair.

Knight was taken to Cooper University Hospital where she was given a tetanus shot and tested for HIV. Doctors there are unsure whether her finger will have to be amputated.

Anyone with information concerning the suspect's identity can call Cherry Hill Police at 856-288-7288.

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