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Woman allegedly puts mouse in pickle jar, posts photos on Facebook

Woman allegedly suffocates mouse in pickle jar, posts photos on Facebook

On January 5th, 2013, a woman in McLennan County, Texas posted a picture on Facebook of a mouse closed inside a pickle jar. The image shows the mouse attempting to stay afloat in the jar filled with juice (part of this image has been blurred here for issues of decency).

The original image can be seen here.

She tagged her boyfriend in the image and included the caption,

"Update on our friend[.] The noodles are softening LOL[.] He is so trying to stay afloat!!! LOL"

This follows many recent examples of images posted on social media sites with similar content such as the puppy in a Ziplock bag and the woman holding a rifle to a puppy's head.

Advocates are calling for action in hopes that county sheriffs will take notice and investigate it as a case of animal cruelty. For those interested in helping advocates bring attention to this case, they may contact:

McLennan County (TX) Sheriff's Department


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The author, April Plemons, is an animal rescuer and welfare advocate. She is part of Long Way Home Animal Sanctuary & Pit Bull Rescue. Check out their Facebook page below!

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