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Woman accuses staff on Holland America Cruise Line of rape

Holland America Line
Photo by Getty Images/Getty Images

When you go on a cruise ship, you are expecting a fantastic vacation. A woman who recently was aboard a ship from Holland America Cruise Line is not saying that is what she got on the trip. On Feb. 19, Fox 8 shared the news of a woman who says she was raped and more on the ship. Her name has not been released yet.

The woman filed a criminal complaint against 28-year-old Ketut Pujayasa. She said that he came into her dark room and attacked her. The woman accused of him of raping her, punching her, and even says he tried to push her off the balcony into the water after strangling her.

He says that he was simply taking breakfast to her room and had to knock three times before she even let him in. Ketut says he heard her yell and finally open the door and then he left her food with her. This incident did happen, but the complaint says that later he tried to find her to punch her for being rude. Reports are that he returned to her room later and that is when the assault happened after he used his master key to get into the room.

The woman did have bad enough injuries that she was taken to the hospital when they docked in Florida. Pujayasa went to his room and told his roommate that he had killed a passenger. There are no updates on her condition at this time. He did confess to the attack and was arrested by the FBI.

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