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The dangers of buying online

There are many crimes committed today, which begin as a result of something that occurred online.

Recently, a Long Island woman was arrested for trying to sell hundreds of thousands of dollars of Legos on the popular ecommerce website, eBay. She had allegedly stolen the toys from a storage facility. Most of the pilfered items have since been recovered.

Unfortunately, selling stolen items online has become a serious issue and is a common cyber crime. Millions of people log onto websites such as eBay each day, and in some cases sellers may not be honest about what they wish to sell to you. While it may be difficult to tell if you have in fact received stolen goods, the internet has made it even easier to track down people who have stolen items and try to sell them for profit, in the previously mentioned case the stolen goods on eBay were traced back to the woman now accused of trying to sell them.

If a person believes they have received a stolen item from an online seller, the best way of reporting the crime is to contact local authorities. Police will need specific information to establish a case against the seller including names and addresses if they have been exchanged. Since eBay requires an email address for anyone to sell an item, tracing email addresses can also be helpful in tracking down any fraud or selling of a stolen good. Some victims may want to pursue a civil case against a dishonest seller.

While the internet is beneficial in so many ways, it can also be a place of fraud and criminal activity. One of the worst things about the internet, especially when it comes to buying used goods, is that you never know who is behind the other computer screen.

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