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Woman accused of embezzlement in Marietta; indicted on 175 counts

Jennifer Broussard is indicted on 175 counts. She remains in Cobb jail with no bond.
Jennifer Broussard is indicted on 175 counts. She remains in Cobb jail with no bond.
Cobb County sheriff's office

A Dallas, Ga. woman, accused of stealing over $645,000 from her employer in Marietta was indicted on 175 counts this Wednesday, AJC reports.

According to a Cobb County Grand Jury indictment, Jennifer Ann Broussard, a former employer of Craftsman Business Interiors Inc. (CBI), reportedly wrote herself unauthorized checks and changed the company's bookkeeping records in an attempt to cover her tracks.

A total of 86 checks, equaling $645,750 was taken from CBI. The checks, ranging anywhere from $3,000 to $10,000 each, were all made out to Broussard, and deposited into her personal bank account.

Broussard started her employment with CBI in 2001. Along with a $95,000 annual salary, she was also given a $450 monthly car allowance. Yet, some of the false bookkeeping entries indicate that she allegedly claimed some of the checks were for vehicle expenses.

The reported thefts went unnoticed for many years, until the IRS sent CBI an unpaid federal taxes in April of 2013. Six months later, Broussard was arrested after an internal investigation. She made bail shortly after and was released from Cobb County Jail. After spending nine months free, she was arrested again this week at her home. This time, however, she has no bond.

Broussard's attorney, Kim Frye, feels her arrest is unfair, and states that the only difference is that additional charges have been added.

"Typically when people are indicted by a Grand Jury, they are not re-arrested.Nothing has changed about the case, other than the DA adding additional charges. Just because she has been indicted for a lot more charges, does not mean that she’ll become a flight risk," Frye stated.

Broussard's 175 counts include racketeering, theft, and computer forgery. So far, an arraignment date has not been set.

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