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Woman accused of abusing puppies after toddler, who was left alone, was injured

One of the pups injured after being attacked
One of the pups injured after being attacked
Screen shot via WPXI News

According to Thursday's WPXI News, two puppies in New Eagle, Pa., were injured when a mother, who left her toddler home alone with the pups, flew into a rage after the child was injured.

Last weekend, Kimberly and Danny Watts had left their two-year-old daughter home alone with the puppies and during the time that they were away, the child sustained a minor wound when one of the 8-week-old pups jumped on her.

According to the police, Kimberly Watts admitted to repeatedly stabbing one of the puppies with a knife - the other puppy was thrown against a wall hard enough to break a leg. Watts initially claimed that she has "saved" her child from one of the puppies, but later admitted that when the puppy ran from her after being yelled at, she grabbed a knife and proceeded to stab the pup five times.

According to Officer Brian Tempest, the pups were not aggressive - they were merely behaving like puppies. He noted that despite the serious injuries and pain, the pups were friendly, stating:

Both were injured and very friendly. Puppies like to jump and play. That is all the one puppy was doing,”

Miraculously, the two puppies survived the abuse - both were removed from the home and are now being cared for by a humane officer. Two other dogs were also removed from the couple's home.

The child received treatment for her wound and she has also been removed from the couple's care.

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