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Woman 15k plastic surgery selfies: Surgery quest for perfect selfies on rise

A woman who spent $15k on plastic surgery so that she would look better in selfies, is now happy with what she sees. The selfie has become such a major factor of pop culture today, so when one woman couldn’t take a selfie that met with her liking, she did something rather drastic.

A woman who spent $15,000 in plastic surgery to look better in selfies considers this an important part of life, looking good online!
YouTube screenshot/ ABC Night Line

No matter what pose 38-year-old Triana Lavey conjured up, she couldn’t get past her “darn chin,” but that was before she underwent the knife, according to the Canadian Journal on April 27. Once Lavey was sculpted to her liking, she can now feel good about posting that selfie online.

Lavey reports that she now has the face that she always thought she should have. She describes her new improved version as “I look like myself, but Photoshopped.” Lavey, who is the talent manager for the agency uFluencer Group, understands the power of perception. She emphasizes the importance of putting her best face forward for both work and leisure. She states:

“Your social media presence is just as important as your real-life presence. It’s a legitimate form of promoting yourself.”

Lavey’s first target of concern was her chin, she said she had a “weak chin” before she went under the knife. Along with her chin fix, she got a nose job and some fat grafts about two years ago. Since that time she’s returned for some tweaking which included another corrective nose job and more fat graphs. This finally gave her the finished product she was going for.

Botox is also a regular tuneup-type procedure that Lavey seeks out when the need presents itself. She considers Botox as a necessity, grouping this in with her bills for rent, food, gas and medical insurance, according to CNet News.

So why should you care that some random woman reinvented her face with plastic surgery and Botox when hundreds of thousands of women do this? It is because she did this with her selfie in mind. Instead of Photoshopping her face before posting it, she Photoshopped it permanently with these procedures.

The selfie, which is a newer phenomenon of modern times, has taken on a life of its own. Where people would once want to put their best face forward in the real world, now it’s all about the online selfie. This is just one more small, but significant, sample of real-life morphing into the online world.

This woman is not alone in her thoughts, check out the video above which reports the rise in plastic surgery due to the selfie. The hunt for the best selfie possible is sending many women to the plastic surgeon for some help with that!

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