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Wolverine Dies This Summer! Nuff Said!

Is this the final end of Wolverine?
Is this the final end of Wolverine?
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Yes folks, another hero bites the dust. Ever since DC "killed" off their flagship character, Superman, it seems just about every major super hero in comics has been shuffled off this mortal coil— much to the chagrin of fans. But like Superman, all have come back from the grave— some repeatedly.

At this point in the game, fans, who would have in the past, voiced such outrage that they'd storm the streets carrying pitchforks and torches, now just roll their eyes and groan, 'not again'. Why is it every time comic book editors want to boost sales or garner a little press, they pull out the death card? How about getting fresh, new writers in that will develop some really good stories, instead of playing the same tune over and over, like a zombie music trio.

According to Marvel's PR wagon, Marvel has been toying with a "radical new development" for Wolverine for a while. This "new development", will unfold this summer with a story arc called "3 months to Die". Apparently, Wolvie loses his healing factor, once again, making him vulnerable to attack. "3 Months to Die" will then spin-off into a 4 part mini-series starting in September called "Death of Wolverine". The issues will hit stores weekly, culminating with Death of Wolverine #4 on September 24th.

Executive Editor, Michael Marts promises fans that Marvel is approaching this story from a standpoint of finality and closure, and that the hero's death will have ramifications throughout Marvel's line— Right, until they bring him back... note: my eyes were rolling as I wrote that.

So what do you think folks? Are you excited about Wolvie biting the dust or not? Let us know what you think.