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'Wolff' in Lincoln clothing? Ford's luxury brand poaches stylist

Max Wolff during his Australian days
Max Wolff during his Australian days
Source: General Motors

Ford Motor Company announced today that native Australian and design director for Cadillac exteriors since 2007, Max Wolff, has been tapped to become Lincoln's design director.

There is little argument amongst most industry watchers that in the war between Cadillac and Lincoln, General Motor's division has been winning the exterior styling wars with its bold "Art and Science" theme. In the meantime, Lincoln has bumped from one design philosophy to another, often resembling the characteristics of a rudderless ship. One colleague described a recent Lincoln effort as making him "sad for cars."

With the disposal its Mercury division, Ford has strengthened its commitment to its remaining luxury brand. There is a new marking effort under way and now it has captured Cadillac's exterior design director.

As with any change in styling direction, we will have to wait a bit to see any fruits appear in concept or production form. On a positive note, Lincoln's latest efforts such as the restyled MKX crossover have shown promise and the brand is finally getting a consistent grille placed on most of its models.

Be sure to check out the 2011 Lincoln MKX video and Lincoln, Cadillac slideshow located to the left of this report.

Source: Ford


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