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'Wolfenstein: The New Order' director talks about Deathshead's juxtaposition


Deathshead, the sadistic antagonist in developer MachineGames' upcoming installment in the Wolfenstein franchise, The New Order, may be one of gamings most badass villains. In an interview with Examiner, Jens Matthies, creative director at the aforesaid studio briefly discusses the combined elements that make this antihero so terrifying.

"[Deathshead] is a man who has cheated death and ended up on the winning side of history," Matthies said. "This joy of living permeates the character and is propelled by an outstanding performance by actor Dwight Schultz. The juxtaposition of his upbeat, somewhat lascivious demeanor and the horror of his actions contribute to a most fearsome cocktail."

In our hands-on demo with the game, there was a moment where Deathshead captures you and your allies and forces you to pick one companion for him to kill... just to give you a bit of an idea of what this man is like.

Wolfenstein: The New Order arrives on May 20 in North America and May 23 in Europe for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC.

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