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Wolf Pack season just days away

When the Wolf Pack missed the AHL playoffs, Connecticut Sport fans needed something to keep them happy until the new season gets under way.

The New Britain Rock Cats couldn’t fill the void.

Neither could the Connecticut Sun.

Well, at least we have the Hartford Colonials until the season starts.

Other than that, it is about three weeks until the pucks start dropping and the gloves start flying in the XL Center.

That’s right folks; the rebound season for the Wolf Pack is almost here.

The unique part about starting the season at home on October 9th is that it’ll be against their former ECHL affiliate, the Charlotte Checkers.

Several other games are looking nice as well, including the GEICO Connecticut Cup opener on October 16th at Bridgeport, and the home opener for the rivalry on November 7th.

There really should be some Corporate-sponsored rivalry between the Wolf Pack and Springfield Falcons as well. I’m thinking the “I-91 Cup”, or the “Bradley International Airport Challenge”. Believe it or not, the FAA refers to Bradley as “Hartford/Springfield”; I wish I were making this up! These teams start one of ten games October 29th in Hartford.

Don’t forget that the preseason is starting as well. At least that’s what my previous post says.

The entire schedule can be found at the Wolf Pack’s web site.


  • Say What? 4 years ago

    Jay ... are you aware that there is an AHL team and an Atlantic League baseball team in Bridgeport? And that they both made the playoffs this year? Are you aware that Bridgeport is even part of Connecticut? It doesn't seem so...

  • Fairfied County-er 4 years ago

    Dude. Are you aware that there's an AHL team in Bridgeport. Or that there's an Atlantic League baseball team in Bridgeport. And that BOTH teams made the playoffs this year?

    Or maybe you think Bridgeport is in another state? Just wonderin' is all...

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