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'Wolf of Wall Street' has sex, drugs and cursing and coutries are hating it

The 'Wolf of Wall Street' has sex, drugs, cursing and a whole lot of cash. While this could seem like the ideal dream to some, to others - a way of life that should be banned from their country, and it is according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Martin Scorsese's "The Wolf of Wall Street" features sex, drugs and 569 variations of the F-word. It was already under scrutiny in the U.S. as Scorsese had to trim the movie down to take it from an NC-17 rating to an R rating.

Here are some of the countries that made some serious cuts:


Three scenes were cut: A gay orgy, Johan Hill's public masturbation sequence and the opening scene of DiCaprio blowing cocaine into a woman's rear end using a straw. Also the phrase, "all nuns are lesbians" was blacked out.


Banned at the last minute.




The film is only playing in adult theaters. The only people allowed to see it have to be 21 and over. This is only in a handful of theaters. Even then, scenes were still cut. This included DiCaprio having sex with a flight attendant on airplane.


Same three cuts as mentioned above. Though reports have surfaced that a full 40-45 minutes has been excised.

Christian Mercuri, president of international at Red Granite Pictures says,

"It certainly concerns us that anyone is cutting our film, but every territory is different."

By contrast, he notes,

"If you have a highly violent movie, it's not a problem in the U.S., Asia and the Middle East, but it is a problem in Europe."

If you watch 'Wolf of Wall Street', you can honestly say that you've seen something that [almost] no one else in the world can see.

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