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Giveaway: Win a signed DVD copy of 'The Wolf of Wall Street'

The Wolf of Wall Street

There’s no such thing as too many Leonardo DiCaprio movies and starting on Sunday you have the chance to add Leo’s latest award winning film “The Wolf of Wall Street” to your collection. Did we mention the copy is signed by Leo himself?


If you have no idea what this movie is about let us start with it being 180 glorious minutes of Leonardo DiCaprio, Jonah Hill and Matthew McConaughey showing off some of the best acting chops we’ve seen in years. Directed by the incomparable Martin Scorsese, “The Wolf of Wall Street” is based on the true story of Jordan Belfort and his rise to a wealthy stockbroker living the high life to his fall involving crime, corruption and the federal government. “The Wolf of Wall Street” has been nominated for Best Actor, Best Supporting Actor, Best Adapted Screenplay, Best Director and Best Picture. Leonardo DiCaprio won a Golden Globe for Best Performance in “Wolf of Wall Street” and the film has been nominated for three BAFTA Awards. Funny, engaging, witty and absolutely thrilling, “Wolf of Wall Street” is a rare piece of cinema that reminds us all why we love movies so much. This film deserves all the nominations and awards coming to it.
So how do you get in on this? It’s easy! For your chance to win this giveaway, all you have to do is follow us on Twitter @examinercom, retweet our tweet about the giveaway and lastly, comment on the Twitter post with your favorite Leonardo DiCaprio movie. The giveaway ends on March 25, 2014 at 11:59 p.m., so join in on the fun and tell your friends about it.

Make room on the mantelpiece, because winning a copy of this film signed by Leonardo DiCaprio would make it the single coolest thing you will ever own in your life. We’re talking bragging rights for the rest of eternity. Sick of hearing about your friend’s kid being on honor roll again? Bring up your signed copy of “Wolf of Wall Street.” Did that coworker you can’t stand get a promotion? Strategically place your signed copy of “Wolf of Wall Street” on your desk so they can see it all day. Have to go to yet another wedding as a bridesmaid? Bring your signed copy of “Wolf of Wall Street” as your date! Batman has the Batmobile, and you could have a signed copy of one the greatest movies of our generation. Trust us, winning this giveaway can only improve your life in ways never thought possible. So what are you waiting for? Get on Twitter! Good luck!

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