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Wolf hoax: Viral video a fake posted by Olympian

A wolf hoax has been declared after a video went viral on YouTube. A wolf can be seen prowling the halls inside a dorm with someone recording right behind a door cracked open. It turns out that Olympic luger Kate Hansen was the one who posted the video on YouTube making people think the wolf was inside a Sochi Olympic dorm.

CBS Local in Chicago reported Feb. 20 that Hansen captioned the video: "Epic #SochiFail: Wolf In My Hall. It has been viewed nearly one million times."

Now it has been discovered to be a wolf hoax...and Jimmy Kimmel was also behind the prank, as many media sources have pointed out.

There have been other pranks posted online when the Olympics first began in Sochi with the hashtag #SochiFails.

Obviously many Olympians enjoy messing with people during their off time at the Games. There is no doubt the video fooled a lot of people. What do you think of the wolf hoax?

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