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Wizpor Persuasion Technology


Wizpor® methodology leverages social media for the development of effective presentation and communication strategies. It is geared to meet the specific needs of litigators and corporate officers through Audience Gathering; Engagement; Listening; and Analytics.

Leveraging social media is used for:
• Trial Preparation
• Voir Dire Strategy
• Witness Preparation
• Demonstrative Evidence
• Opening and Closing Arguments
• Issue Analysis
• Direct and Cross Examination
• Change of Venue Studies
• Witnesses Preparation
• SimulJury®

Wizpor® allows for customized services used to collect a large quantity of real-time responses.
For example, a SimulJury® is a simultaneous virtual shadow jury that can be used with both actual jurors during a trial or with mock jurors during the research phase. SimulJury® participants tend to provide more honest and less “filtered” feedback than live shadow jurors or live mock jurors due to privacy and anonymity. They also tend to be a closer match to a real jury due to a larger pool of potential participants. The pragmatic, real-time feedback allows attorneys to change their message or presentation style instantly and sway jurors in the right direction.

Wizpor® takes a snap shot of information and studies reactions to each detail for a precise strategic game plan. The strategic analytics, based on real time analytics, evolves and optimizes as your message changes. Some of the product’s assets are as follows:

1. Identify and analyze trends and communication of various social media accounts, public response and trending stories.
2. Analyze issues most important to decision makers
3. Compare buzz and momentum of your theories vs. your opponent.
4. Isolate and analyze how issues and presentations are resonating
5. Keep close tabs on your opposition’s strengths and weaknesses.

As you can see, Wizpor® turns the massive and complicated into the targeted and simple. Our real-time analytics evolves and optimizes as your message changes by obtaining detailed feedback from a large audience quickly, effectively and inexpensively.

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