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Wizkids CEO has new plans for Heroclix organized play

Heroclix players at ACME Comics in Orlando
Heroclix players at ACME Comics in Orlando
Photo by Tony Smejek

According to ICv2 on March 5, Wizkids CEO Justin Ziran mentioned he has big plans in regards to organized play involving Heroclix. For some time, there had been mostly incremental events that lasted around six months, but now Ziran intends on having events occur on a weekly basis.

"At GAMA this year we’ll be announcing a new foundation level organized play, which I’ll call the weekly organized play, as well as what our plans are for storyline. I’d call it weekly organized play, and then once a year we’ll come in with a big program, which will be story based/driven".

According to Ziran, this has been an ongoing experimental process which will fine tune organizational game play into something that could also be financially affordable for retailers. The plan has come to pass due to the fact that the company has been prospering and Ziran is even open to suggestions from the HC Realms website message boards.

That being said, it appears that he does have some objectives in place. For instance the first place prize for the winner would entail a new sculpt attached to a new dial while fellowship will only be a recycled sculpt from the likeness of previous Heroclix figures, but the base will be redialed and the sculpt repainted.

This process will give an idea of what works and what doesn't in order to gauge what kind of intervals would work best.