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WizIQ is the best MOOC choice, says company CEO

WizIQ, student
WizIQ, student

WizIQ presents a different type of online learning experience with popular and in-demand categories, including: Technology, Big Data, Project Management, Business, Finance, Languages, Wellness and Music. Learn more about it from this excerpt from a recent WizIQ press release.

“WizIQ, the online education company, is the only global education marketplace to offer live instructor-led online learning. The WizIQ Learning Marketplace is the most comprehensive teaching system currently available to educators, and it’s for free. It is the only marketplace where anyone can start teaching live online - not live pre-recorded classes -- from anywhere in the world.

The WizIQ Learning Marketplace enables students to choose from courses offered by thousands of instructors. Educators and organizations can create a comprehensive quality online course – with live or self-paced instruction – in no time, and teach any learner or employee anywhere in the world. The courses on WizIQ are all created and owned by instructors, not WizIQ, providing complete freedom to educators and organizations to manage and charge for their content and teaching services any way they want.”

I recently spoke with WizIQ founder and CEO Harman Singh about WizIQ’s Learning Marketplace and the benefit of its live, instructor-led online learning.


MG: From a learner’s standpoint, why is WizIQ the better option for online learning over CreativeLive?

HS: For learners, face-to-face learning in a classroom with an experienced teachers imposes accountability, inspires effort and promotes academic responsibility. Certain subjects such as languages, computer programming and mathematics are not inclined to self-directed learning.

WizIQ is the only global education marketplace to offer live, instructor-led online learning, where students can interact with their instructors and ask questions. We are using the technology to replicate the classroom experience, online, whereas other companies in the industry are more of a television-based teaching model where students just view the content, but cannot participate in a real-time conversation.

The WizIQ Learning Marketplace is an assortment of quality courses from subjects ranging from science & technology to music, arts and lifestyle. With such a variety, learners have more choices.

MG: I see that your WizIQ has a heavy focus on teachers teaching, correct?

HS: Absolutely. WizIQ was built keeping in mind that teachers drive education, not content. The teaching tools and Virtual Classroom that we designed support this thought process.

At WizIQ, we aspire to empower teachers all over the world with relevant and most recent technology to teach online; to create powerful courses and deliver them in real time to learners, from anywhere in the world.

We strongly believe that the teacher is an integral part of the education ecosystem and have started Massive Open Online Courses that cater to online teachers and their various requirements. (These MOOCs help new and experienced teachers to collaborate online via WizIQ, and assist each other in becoming self-sufficient in their online teaching business endeavors.

MG: Teachers can go to WizIQ and teach live. What is the oversight here?

HS: You don’t need a degree or a qualification to be able to teach on WizIQ, however, we suggest that teachers should be subject matter experts in their respective fields. They should have useful knowledge to offer to students if they wish to be successful in selling their courses in the WizIQ Learning Marketplace.

This oversight is more of an opportunity that allows everyone to become an online teacher on WizIQ. There are so many people without a teaching certificate or degree who are capable of becoming great teachers. WizIQ gives such teachers a comprehensive platform, and establishes a channel whereby they can earn from their teaching endeavors.

We review all courses before publishing them on the Learning Marketplace. This is to make sure learners receive only quality in the courses they choose. We remain in constant contact with the educators to nullify spams and frauds.

MG: Could you provide a few comments on why learners should choose your site, quality teaching oversight for viewers (if any teacher can come into the WizIQ fold or quality controls in place), and if WizIQ has 24/7 customer service?

HS: All the courses listed on the WizIQ Learning Marketplace go through a rigorous process of review and audit. It is true that anyone can create a course on WizIQ, but only courses that pass our quality checks will be published publicly.

The WizIQ Learning Marketplace closely replicates the traditional classroom model by providing advanced features such as: face-to-face live instruction, assignments and lab work, real-time chat and poll features, etc. Such a high level of transparency builds trust between students and teachers, and allows a smooth and open communication channel between them.

We offer 24x7 avatar-based customer service to students on our site to get any questions answered before they enroll for a course. Additionally, refunds are available if students decide not to pursue a course after enrollment. The amount refunded depends on the amount of time spent/number of classes taken in that course. All course-related queries are also answered and listed on the WizIQ Helpdesk page.

MG: many MOOCs are giving certificates of completion. Are certificates given after a WizIQ course is completed? Are letters of completion available for learners to show their bosses that they've learned something via WizIQ

HS: The courses on WizIQ are teacher-owned, so it is up to the educator/owner of the course to enable Certificates of Completion. The information regarding these takeaways will always be projected on the course page, so that learners know beforehand.

The WizIQ Testing System is another way for learners to assess their performance in an online course and use that report to submit at their workplaces.

MG: I noticed that companies need to open an account on the WizIQ website and it costs money, correct? Please provide info on what is free and what comes with a cost?

HS: WizIQ’s teaching system features a public and a private option for educators and organizations:

WizIQ Public Teaching System: WizIQ charges no commissions from educators. The platform is free for any educator who wishes to reach a global audience and uses WizIQ’s teaching system to create, publish and conduct public courses in the WizIQ Learning Marketplace while collecting payment directly from students; the WizIQ platform allows educators to collect payments for public courses from students via WizIQ’s payment processing system for a nominal processing service fee of 10 percent per transaction.

WizIQ Private Teaching System: For educators who prefer not to have their courses in the public marketplace, a private teaching system is available. Private instructors can collect payments directly or use WizIQ’s payment system. The WizIQ private teaching system is free for individual educators for classes up to 10 attendees; an advanced features package is available with a subscription fee.

Organizations can start their 30-day free trial which will allow them to try out all the premium features for a month; a subscription costs as low as $57. Read full details on the WizIQ website.

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