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Wizards of the Coast seeks trademark for Magic: Origins

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Hot on the heels of the significant trademarking of the (set?) name Dragons of Tarkir by Wizards of the Coast in Australia, yet another registry for a Magic-related mark by the company has come to light. The Australian patent office has received an application for Magic: Origins.

The site that broke the news,, also reports that Wizards of the Coast has created the website, which is as of now empty, but has been registered since January.

The name Origins carries no small amount of import; it's the sort of thing a company will name a product in order to draw a lot of attention to its IP, whether it be for a reboot or (much more likely in this case) a retrospective. In a Magic context, it almost surely refers to a supplemental product, and one that focuses on reprinting cards from Magic's early years. In this way it sounds like something that was planned for last year's twentieth anniversary celebrations but got pushed back.