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‘Wizard World St. Louis 2014’ Day 3 recap

"Images from Wizard World St. Louis 2014 Day 3!"
"Images from Wizard World St. Louis 2014 Day 3!"

On the final day of Wizard World St. Louis 2014 we knew right off the back it would be different from last years experince. First off there was no snow. So that allowed a full last day experience for those attending and with some of the panels that day they truly lucked out. We spoke with artist Danny Haas about his amazing work and his experience at Wizard World so look for that interview coming soon. The “Social Media Phenoms” were there for their photo ops so once again the “Why is Starbucks not open on Sunday downtown?” young ladies were there in droves. Outside of the interview our main goals of the day were to attend the Kids Costume Contest, Karen Gillan panel, and of course the main attraction of the day the Firefly panel.

"Wizard World St. Louis day 3 recap!

We hit the floor and smaller panel rooms first. We stopped by the final day of the Sci Fi speed dating but it looked as if there were no more con goers looking for love, blame Tinder! It was nice to see the panels were still very well attended even though some of the discussion didn't garner most interest. Nonetheless it was fascinating feat to still see over 1,000 patrons flood the halls and floor for the final day of the con. Everyone we asked stated that they had an incredible time and could not wait for next year. We even heard some fans wanting to dress up as they felt they missed out on the intrigue of the cosplay. Speaking of there were a few more characters that attended on Sunday that we didn't see any other day but clearly Firefly beanies were well represented. Once again we noticed that the most worn costume this years was Deadpool. Even though there were tons of Batmans (Batman Beyond guy was nuts) and Wonder Womans nothing compared to the Deadpool. It was awesome to see some Ravens and Starfires on Sunday to appease my Teen Titan love.

The Karen Gillian panel was packed as the former Doctor Who star took questions about her life in Tardis and answered a few Oculus questions. While it did not compare to the magnitude of the Nathan Fillion Firefly panel it was still a highlight of the event. The Firefly panel had such a great response that we are still in awe how a show that only lasted one season could still be so relevant in people’s lives. All in all it seems that they may want to in invite Joss Whedon to one of these events as a lot of his work was on full display the entire weekend.

We ended the day attending the kids costume contest which was held by the lovely Ivy Doomkitty who did an amazing job with the kids. You could tell her passion for cosplay is unrivaled as she really enjoyed seeing all the tykes dressed up. While some had the usual superhero gear on it was awesome to see some out of the box ideas like the little girl who was dressed as a Borderlands video game character. At the end they were all winners and each of them left with a some cool gifts for participating.

In conclusion Wizard World St. Louis was everything we could have asked for and so much more. You really have to applaud the effort of everyone behind the scenes for running such a great weekend. There is so much more to expect next year and seeing the Facebook comments of those who are mad they missed it is a clear indication. All three days were well attended and the city of St. Louis made us proud to call this place home. While the impeding baseball season may be the talk of the town for the next few weeks, our legions of geek crazed fans will remember this weekend for some time. St. Louis is proud to let their geek flag fly and call Wizard World home! We would like to thanks Jerry Milani and all of the Wizard World Staff for having us again and we will see you guys next year!