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‘Wizard World St. Louis 2014’ Day 2 recap

“Saturday in the dome, I think it was the 5th of April!” could be a song lyric that pulses through your head as you witness the insanity that is day 2 of Wizard World St. Louis. Saturday is usually the day when the masses gather at the convention for the large Q & A panels, costume contests and of course the amazing merchandise to buy from the main floor.

"Images from Day 2 of Wizard World St. Louis 2014!"
"Wizard World St. Louis 2014 Day 2 Recap!"

Upon arriving we noticed that there was different sense and feel to the beginning of this day. Frankly the place was surrounded by hordes of 11- 15 year old girls surrounding the Ferrara theater in a fashion George Romero would be proud of. The reason they were there was due to the panel discussions of the “Social Media Phenoms” Hayes Grier, Nash Grier, and Cameron Dallas. There was no need for us to enter the theater as the screams were plenty enough to inform us what was going on. So we headed to the main floor to see the madness at hand expecting to see more costumes and get an overall vibe of the event.

The layout of Wizard World St. Louis showed its range by housing the expected 20,000 legion of fans scoring autographs, snapping photos and cosplaying it up. Speaking of cosplay once again the city of St. Louis showed that we are no slouch in the costume department as fans old and young showed up in everything from superhero gear to Doctor Who garb. We even saw a kid dressed as anime icon “Trigun”. Similar to last year we saw plenty Supermans, Batmans, Deadpools, and Wonder Womans. Harley Quinn is a favorite among women in St. Louis as there were at least 13 of them in attendance on Saturday. In anticipation of the evenings costume contest the patrons of the convention were really treated to an array of creative and well done homemade costumes. The passion for cosplay is evident in out fair city and it was appropriate for the staff and crew of Wizard World to acknowledge this.

The first panel we attended was the Eliza Dushku event which was filled with fans of the former Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Dollhouse star. The time limits of these panels are limited to 30 minutes which can seem rushed but actually worked in everyone's favor. Sometimes long panels can cause for people to tire of the event especially when there are fans asking the same questions over and over. The shorter time frame only allowed for a few questions from the Wrong Turn star and provided some very candid moments. Next up was Sean Astin who was there for many of the films he was a part of but we are sure most fans would have loved to speak to him longer after hearing the Goonies sequel announcement. While the number of fans continued to swell on the main floor the line for the Matt Smith Panel also started to take form. By the time Smith arrived the Ferrara theater was packed to standing room only with still hundreds of Who fans in line to get in. The rest of the day included one on one sessions in the smaller rooms with stars such as Ralph Macchio and Jason David Frank. Frank is having a wild time at the convention so far and you can see it all if you follow his instagram page. Bruce Campbell, William Shatner, Burt Ward and Adam West were the mainstays of the theaters panel as we headed toward the evening and main attraction of the event, the Adult Costume Contest!

There was so much to see this year but unfortunately we only have four eyes on this event. We would have loved to see the music and comics panel and a few more of the smaller roomed panels but the true goal is to get the pulse of the convention. From what we could tell there were a few murmurs about the programming and the confusion of where to go. Also the fact that during some of the larger panels there were also other great things to see. So having to decide which route to take wasn't fair for many. Still we heard nothing but good things about the layout even though there was a bit of commercialism in the midst.

No we did not attend the after party so there will be no comments on what transpired that evening but from what we hear from some who did there was the proverbial “cutting of the rug” going on. The adult costume contest did not seem to have as many participants as last year and that could be due to two aspects. Either the size of the Ferrara theater made it seem as if there were the same amount or maybe it was due to most of knowing that the Johnny Depp cosplay would win best in show, again. Hey like we said last year we know he is great but the guy wins every costume contest in the city with the same Pirates of The caribbean act. All we are saying is hey buddy switch it up. Maybe a little Edward Scissor Hands every once in a while? The crowd looked great and there was a tremendous amount of thought and detail in each contest. We enjoy getting our “nerd on” in the gateway city and nothing proves that more than the contest. The crowd was electric and Wizard World crew was in awe. This makes the anticipation of next years event so high.

As we head out to the final day of Wizard World we already know it has been a success. If you have a hangover from March Madness insanity then Sunday is a great deal to hit the con to score some last minute deal on shwag.It should be another exciting day and we can’t wait to see the kids costume contest. Look for the full recap tomorrow and head down to the convention center for the final day of Wizard World St. Louis!

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