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Wizard World Comic Convention – huge turnout

Wizard World Comic Convention
Wizard World Comic Convention
Wizard World Comic Convention

For fans of the Science Fiction and Fantasy genre, March 8-10, 2014 was a real treat for all who attended the Wizard World Comic Convention at the Sacramento Convention Center.

Guest appearances included William Shatner, Chris Helmsworth, Norman Reedus, and many others.

Wizard World Comic-Con is not related to Comic-Con International, which is the current dominating comic convention tour. It, like the Twisted Terror Convention, is of its own breed and goals. The Wizard World Comic-Con tries to bring many fun aspects that Comic-Con International employs, yet on a smaller scale (but not too small) and in many other cities whereas Comic-Con International hosts extremely large comic conventions for many days in a few major cities such as in San Diego, CA.

With a turnout for attendance in the tens of thousands for this past convention, it enhances the already knowledgeable fact that within the subject of creative appeal and the arts, Sacramento is a forever up and coming location for top-class events that warrant more than just one visit.