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Wizard buys Cincinnati comic and anime convention

Cincinnati Comic Con
Cincinnati Comic Con

Wizard Magazine CEO Gareb Shamus has added to his quickly growing collection of comic book conventions by purchasing the Cincinnati Comic & Anime Show. This will make the tenth convention purchased by Shamus, most of which have been purchased within the last year or so, and many since the beginning of the year.

Shamus pledged that attendees to the newly renamed Cincinnati Comic Con would not be disappointed. “We’re excited to have fans experience our Comic Con for the very first time. We promise to bring an event filled with artists, writers, creators, celebrities and so much more,” he said.

The Cincinnati Comic & Anime Show is barely out of its freshman year, having taken place only once before, last November, putting it in direct competition with Columbus’ own Mid-Ohio-Con. It is unknown when Cincinnati Comic Con will take place, but considering that Shamus already has another convention scheduled for November and two more in October, it’s more likely that Shamus will move Cincinnati Comic Con to earlier in the year.

Shamus bought the Cincinnati Comic & Anime Show from Marc Ballard, who will be staying on board with Cincinnati Comic Con as a consultant and advisor.

Gareb Shamus, of course, has been a source of controversy in the comic book industry almost since the debut of his Wizard Magazine back in 1991. Wizard was often criticized for its tendency to promote anything coming out of DC or Marvel to the exclusion of other publishers, and the inflated prices in its price guide. Since getting into the convention business, Shamus has come under fire for scheduling his conventions on the same weekend as other comic book and pop culture events in the same city. Shamus has eventually backed down and rescheduled each of these events.

Dates and location for Cincinnati Comic Con will be announced at a later date.

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