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Wiz Khalifa takes selfie in jail

How in the world did he get access to a cameraphone?

So, wait..... they let prisoners take selfies in JAIL?!

Well, that's what Pittsburgh MC Wiz Khalifa did immediately after he was arrested in El Paso on May 25 on the way to the Neon Desert Music Festival there.

The picture was taken on May 25 at 8:27 AM EST (6:27 AM MST). While in jail, he tweeted several times about his upcoming mixtape, 28 Grams, and said it would be dropped upon his release.

Deja vu......

Somewhere, Amber Rose and her and Wiz's bundle of joy, Sebastian, are wondering when daddy will come home..... and why and how daddy got a phone with a camera in his cell.

Columbia, SC, take selfies responsibly..... and OUTSIDE of prison if you can.

Snap, snap..... CLINK!

'Nuff said.

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