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Wiz Khalifa bowled over with Miley Cyrus weed consumption

Wiz Khalifa shocked at the amount of weed that Miley Cyrus smokes.
Wiz Khalifa shocked at the amount of weed that Miley Cyrus smokes.
Photo by Larry Busacca/Getty Images for NARAS

Wiz Khalifa recently worked with Miley Cyrus on an album and he walked away with the notion that Miley Cyrus smokes a lot of weed. That’s a surprising revelation coming from Wiz Khalifa who is known to toke a good bit of weed himself.

E Online on April 2 suggests that for Wiz Khalifa to be shocked over the former Disney kid’s consumption of weed, well that is saying something! Wiz said that Miley was “blowin’ like a train” and she was at Wiz “every five minutes” saying “Wiz, you don’t have a joint rolled? What’s up?”

He made these reveals on the “Arsenio Hall Show” when he appeared as a guest on Monday. He said that while Miley worked with him on his album “Black Hollywood,” in which Miley is featured, she toked a lot of weed. Wiz tells Arsenio that Miley's weed consumption is over the top and working with Miley was "insane," but in a "good way."

Miley has made no attempt to hide her love for weed in the past. She’s gone as far as saying she enjoyed weed laced with peyote. She saw a wolf howling at the moon once after embarking on a joint with peyote in it, she said in an interview.

Wiz’s astonishment came from seeing how “tiny” Miley is and the “ton” of weed she smokes for her size. Miley once called Hollywood a “coke town,” saying that she didn’t like coke. She thinks weed is the best thing going. She also endorses the drug called Molly too.

These two drugs make you want to be with friends and be happy, she conveys. Coke is a drug done alone in a bathroom, something the former Disney kid said doesn’t appeal to her.

It is probably not often that Wiz Khalifa gets impressed with someone’s ample consumption of weed, so apparently the “Wrecking Ball” singer made one heck of an impression on Wiz.

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