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Witnesses testify to Ratzinger child rape and murder

The Vatican, Jesuits and Church of England were charged March 4 with child trafficking and criminal conspiracy charges which they refuse to deny or contest.

André Dupuy allegedly paid bribes to the Vatican saboteurs to disrupt ITCCS proceedings
André Dupuy allegedly paid bribes to the Vatican saboteurs to disrupt ITCCS proceedings
André Dupuy allegedly paid bribes to the Vatican saboteurs to disrupt ITCCS proceedings
Joseph Ratzinger and Queen Elizabeth charged with child ritual abuse in the ICLCJustice Photo:
Joseph Ratzinger and Queen Elizabeth charged with child ritual abuse in the ICLCJustice Photo:
Joseph Ratzinger and Queen Elizabeth charged with child ritual abuse in the ICLCJustice Photo:

Defendants listed specifically in the case include Jorge Bergoglio, Jesuit Superior general Adolfo Pachon, and Justin Welby, Archbishop of Canterbury.

Brussels Court Secretary, George Dufort feels that their silences is a sign of guilt and will weigh heavily in court.

“Our Prosecutor’s Office has the power now to proceed with its case and waive the normal examination procedure," Dufort said.

Kevin Annett, ITCCS Field Secretary, feels that to be a sign of panic on the part of the Vatican.

The political tide has shifted against the church, and it’s no longer possible for child killers in robes to hide behind the Lateran Treaty. And in its death throes, the church hierarchy is using its usual methods of lies and misinformation to shift the focus off its own criminal guilt.

Meanwhile, inside sources in Rome revealed that Ratzinger is alive and well and still sitting on the throne of Peter.

Francesco Zanardi of the ITCCS affiliate Rete L’Abuso in Savona, Italy stated in an interview last week:

We know from several cardinals that Pope Francis is a caretaker figurehead who is not actually the Pope. It’s all been a huge deception. Francis doesn’t wear the papal ring and lives in a convent in Rome, not in the Vatican. He is given no official security and wanders about like a private individual. And he makes policy statements which the Curia of Cardinals then disavow, saying Francis doesn’t reflect church doctrine. And all the top appointments have been Germans or those connected to Ratzinger, who continues to speak to reporters like he’s still the Pope.

Ratzinger resigned in 2013 for apparent "health issues." He was, in fact, aware of his upcoming conviction of crimes against humanity. Coward that he is, "Pope Benedict XVI" has been hiding out in Vatican City under a decree of Jorge Bergoglio.

Eye witnesses claim to have seen both Wojtyla and Ratzinger participate at Ninth Circle rituals held at Catholic cathedrals and a forest grove in France.

Documents received from the Vatican describe how the participation of every new pope in the Ninth Circle cult is mandatory for their assumption of office. The alleged documents refer to the cultic rituals as “The Magisterial Privilege” that involves the ceremonial killing of newborn children and the consumption of their blood at Circle rituals. The name, "Ninth Circle" most likely refers to Dante's circles of hell, (1) the ninth circle being the closest to hell.

A former member of The Ninth Circle stated in a deposition that Joseph Ratzinger has been a member of the Circle since at least 1962, and as such, has routinely participated in the ritual rape, torture and killing of children.

May 8, 2013, ITCCS posted an exclusive interview of Toos Nijenhuis (2) of Holland, in which she named several of the cult participants. According to Nijenhuis she watched as, children were routinely kidnapped, drugged, raped, tortured, hunted down and murdered in ritualized events. Nijenhuis also identified at least one field in southern Holland where such ritual murders and burials occurred as recently as 2010.

October 7, 2013, another witness came forward to confirm Nijenhuis's allegations, describing ritual rape, torture, and murder of children as young as five years old. These were held, the witnesses claim, at private estates in Holland and France (de Rothschild?).

According to an October 14 ITCCS report, named in the second witness's statement were "two Catholic Cardinals, a French judge, Belgian priests and member of the Dutch and British Royal families."

I saw Joseph Ratzinger murder a little girl (3) at a French chateau in the fall of 1987″ stated the second witness. “It was ugly and horrible, and it didn’t happen just once. Ratzinger often took part. He and (Dutch Catholic Cardinal) Alfrink and (Bilderberger founder) Prince Bernhard were some of the more prominent men who took part.

In addition, both Wojtyla, and Ratzinger, have been incriminated by a witness as participants at Ninth Circle rituals held at Catholic cathedrals and a forest grove in France.

This second witness's testimony has compelled Italian politicians to agree to work with ITCCS in its criminal action against Bergoglio, for his sheltering of Ratzinger and his own complicity in war crimes.

“We are looking at revising if not abolishing our country’s Lateran Treaty (4) with the Vatican, whose actions in harboring child rapists certainly meet the definition of a Transnational Criminal Organization under international law,” stated a spokesman for one of the politicians.

Queen Elizabeth, along with Justin Welby, is accused of involvement in the kidnapping and death of aboriginal children in Canada, as well as routine participation in Ninth Circle rituals at the Mohawk school.

Witnesses to these rituals tell of observing nine figures in red robes, gathered about an altar in a sub-basement catacomb under the west wing of the Mohawk Indian school.

A young Mohawk girl aged five or six was bound and gagged on the altar, repeatedly raped by all participants, and then killed and disemboweled and dismembered with a ceremonial knife, and her blood was consumed by the nine. The remains of the corpse were then burned and buried in secret in the woods immediately west of the school building.

(This is eerily similar to Arizona Wilder's description of the Reptilian blood rituals.)

The Vatican is not sitting back on its holy hands, however. Rather, it is fighting back with a vengeance. Without the law on their side, their only option is to play dirty.

An October 10, 2013 post on the ITCCS (6) website quoted an insider in a Dublin diocese who claimed that Archbishop Diarmuid Martin (7) of Ireland authorized a "dirty ops" campaign to sabotage ITCCS activities, along with anyone else who attempts to expose child trafficking in the Catholic Church.

This includes, the post goes on to say, "smearing and spreading lies and disinformation about Rev. Kevin Annett and other ITCCS leaders to the media and the Garda, Ireland’s national police force, and attempting to falsely brand ITCCS as a terrorist group tied to the so-called 'Freemen on the Land' movement."

The source claims that detailed instructions were given in a memo from Martin to a Father Damien at the pro-Cathedral. Martin is also paying, the source revealed, bribes to encourage protestors to change sides. Partnering with Martin in these attacks is André Dupuy, (8) Papal Nuncio to Holland.

Court records show that in a private communiqué to Anglican Primate Fred Hiltz in Toronto,
Justin Welby, Archbishop of Canterbury—under the direction of Queen Elizabeth—"ordered the destruction of all archived documents and any forensic remains of the murdered children in January of 2012."

Bergoglio and Pachon have also been accused of conspiring to conceal or destroy evidence, obstruct justice, and publicly discredit the ITCCS and Kevin Annett. Misinformation is being disseminated through the government-owned media and eyewitnesses and Mohawk elders are being threatened.

As the Vatican and the Queen Mum become more desperate, and subtlety doesn't appear to be working. Bergoglio and Elizabeth Windsor have upped their game. In January of this year, Wembley police arrested the wife of David Compan, a strong supporter of exposing child trafficking.

Police attempts to detain Compan in a mental hospital failed, so they went after his wife in order to make him surrender. (Kidnapping?)

On October 20, 2013, ITCCS's television website was seized and subverted. Sources in Rome report that these activities were funded by the "Holy Allliance," (a/k/a "The Entity") and the Vatican "dirty ops" bureau: Sodalitium Pianum, which was established in 1913 in Rome.

In January of this year, Annett, revealed that a former Argentine government official (9) is scheduled to testify against Bergoglio regarding his role in child trafficking during the Junta government (10) of Argentina and the Dirty War of the 1970s.

Currently living in exile in Spain, the witness claims that Bergoglio engineered the kidnapping and trafficking of children of political prisoners. The witness was present during meetings between Bergoglio and junta members as they worked to secure child trafficking networks through Catholic orphanages and religious bodies.

A Spanish reporter who has interviewed the former civil servant states,

This guy is genuine and has many names and dates, and notes from meetings. Apparently, Bergoglio was promised the top spot in the Argentine church if he cooperated with the junta. So it’s small wonder that as the Pope, he’s made it harder for honest Catholics to report child abuse, considering his own complicity.

On April 3, two sheriffs (11) attempted to arrest Queen Elizabeth while she was in Rome, identifying her as a fugitive from justice. When the sheriffs arrived at President Napolitano's Presidential Palace in Rome, they were told that the meeting had been moved to "an undisclosed location."

Knowing that the queen was due to meet up with Bergoglio later that day, the sheriffs proceeded to the Vatican. Bergoglio, however, was hiding like one of the scared little girls whom he handed over to traffickers, and sent out a "sizable" security force to protect himself.

We presented the Arrest Warrant to the Captain in charge of the National Police and informed him of our intent to enforce the Court Order and asked for his assistance in this legal procedure. The Captain would not agree to do so and refused to identify himself. He told us we would be placed under arrest if we tried to perform the arrest or “threaten the Pope” in any way. Several policemen then seized our video camera and roughly escorted us from the area. Our camera was not returned to us. We have lodged a formal complaint with the National Police.

In their report, the sheriffs suggested that "greater force" be used in the next attempt and the use of "better intelligence."

"On the eve of the commencement of the first closed session (12) of the prosecution of Pope Francis and others for child trafficking and murder, the Public Information Agency of the Prosecutor’s Office announced today that the Court will be issuing a binding legal Proclamation of enormous global and historic significance on Easter Sunday, April 20, 2014.

"This Proclamation is being issued in conjunction with the highest lawful and spiritual authorities under the Law of God and Man, based on astounding new evidence compiled by the Prosecution concerning the crimes and the very nature of the so-called Church of Rome.


(9) Former Argentine official to testify against Pope Bergoglio’s child trafficking under Junta in Argentina