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Witnesses intervene to save dog being abused by owner

Marlborough Police
Marlborough Police
Marlborough Police Department

Michel Monteiro, 46, of Marlborough, Mass. was arrested on one count of animal cruelty and one count of threatening to commit a crime Friday night and arraigned on Monday, according to the MetroWest Daily News. Two witnesses passing by Monteiro's residence saw him abusing his small dog in the driveway. When they stopped to confront him, he became angry and cornered one of the passersby.

Police arrived to find Monteiro intoxicated, in his driveway and holding the leash of his dog, Ukie, who was walking in circles and rubbing the left side of his body on the ground. The two witnesses told police they stopped when they heard the dog yelp and asked Monteiro if he had just hurt his dog. Monteiro denied doing anything to his dog.

According to the witnesses, Monteiro grabbed Ukie by the throat and punched him in the head with a water bottle. The police report stated Ukie's left eye was bloodshot and bright red. Monteiro claimed to only notice it at that moment the police did but said he would not take the dog to get treatment.

Police called animal control. Meanwhile, Monteiro tried to pick up his dog multiple times and eventually dropped him. Police took the dog away from him immediately. According to the police report, Monteiro claimed to love the dog and that he would never hit him.

As soon as animal control arrived, Ukie was taken to Tufts University Foster Hospital for Small Animals. The veterinarian who treated Ukie said he had a head trauma that caused bruising to his left eye and head. The veterinarian also confirmed that Ukie's earlier behavior of walking in circles and rubbing his body on the ground was consistent with a head injury.

Monteiro was released without bail and ordered not to own any domestic animals.

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