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Witnesses dispute Hatboro, Pennsylvania PD right to shoot family dog

A Pennsylvania dog is in dire need of surgery after being shot by police.

Lola, recovering after being shot by Hatboro Police

Lola, a beautiful and loving puppy, got out of the gate at her home in Hatboro around 4:30 p.m. Saturday afternoon. She was only a few houses from home when police showed up.

According to a witness, Lola got scared and was running home when four shots rang out. Lola returned to her home after being shot in the leg.

The video with this article was found on the wall of Chuck Jay on Facebook. Witnesses can be heard in the background stating Lola did nothing to deserve being shot.

Now Lola is at an emergency vet clinic in Levittown, where the family is looking at $6,000 to perform the surgery she needs. Lola has a fractured bone, and a lot of damage under her elbow.Hopefully, Lola won't lose her leg. A GoFundMe webpage is here.

Since this is a recent shooting, not much information is availble at this time. This article will be updated when more details become available.

We all know how this one will be handled. Police will claim they feared for their safety, and that Lola was "charging" or "behaving in an aggressive manner."

Please share Lola's story, and donate a few dollars if you can. You can keep up with the outrage expressed against this department on their Facebook page.

Police may do their best to come up with an excuse for shooting Lola. Witnesses also question the safety of firing their weapons on such a busy residential street. Especially since three or the four bullets (fortunately) missed their target.

Be respectful in your comments. Officers with the Hatboro police are welcome to give their side of the story.

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