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Without seeing Him we love Him

We can't catch Him with a camera or an iPhone. Although it would be a comforting photo to have as wallpaper. His deep, loving eyes, the smile with joy the fulness of which we've yet to know here beneath the stars, the meaningful expressions on each picture of His common, welcoming face. Just because we can't snap a picture of Him doesn't mean He isn't here.

His facial expressions we long for are not the only way He loves us. He died for our freedom from sin and guilt and when He did our names were carved on His hands. He dwells within us to make us smile, to talk with us, and to help us with this confusing and complex life. Irresistible He is.

Someone we are unable see or touch could be difficult to believe in. But He gave us a heart and like a babe in the womb hears mom we hear our Savior's voice and it's a comfort to us. We learn to love Him and know Him before we ever have the privilege of seeing Him with our eyes.

Without having seen Him, you love Him; though you do not [even] now see Him, you believe in Him ... (1 Peter 1:8 AMP)

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