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Withholding taxes are immoral, tyrannical

Tax Day, April 15, is approaching very quickly now. People are looking forward to their refunds; isn't it nice of the government to take some of our hard earned cash at no interest before our taxes are due, then graciously return a bit of it on or around the actual due date?

You want to know what would make people conservative or libertarian in one hell of a hurry? If we rid ourselves of that system. If the average taxpayer had to come up with their entire tax payment on April 15 of each year there would be a lot more hootin' and hollerin' over how much Washington and the states and localities take. Then there would be real pressure to hold down spending and lower taxes.

But the government is entitled to their money. Yet even if you accept that argument, why is it entitled to the cash before it is due? To make sure they get it, perhaps. That still begs the actual question, while adding insult to injury. Don't we live in a nation where we are presumed innocent? By what right should a government presume we won't pay a debt? And we haven't broached the issue of entitlement yet; surely there is a standard for what a government should tax. If 10% is good enough for Jesus...

This is a government power which has been so thoroughly accepted that few any longer question it. Yet it is a form of tyranny just the same. We should repeal the withholding tax. We have the moral right to our money until a debt is due, and not until. Our government insults our rights and our integrity through the use of withholding taxes.

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