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Withdrawal of BLM in Nevada shows power of the grassroots conservatives

The withdrawal by the U.S. Bureau of Land Management (BLM) from a confrontation with a rancher in Nevada shows the power of grassroots conservatives. The federal government had confronted rancher Cliven Bundy, and confiscated some of his cattle because, they contended, the cattle were on federal land and were threatening an endangered tortoise.

The federal intrusion began more than a week ago when federal agents blockaded entrances to his land and set up snipers in the area. All for a tortoise?

An article in the Daily Caller discusses this victory over tyranny and also gives some background. Reuters also provides some coverage about how Majority Leader Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV) and his lobbyist son were promoting a Chinese solar plant to be built on Bundy's land, perhaps the real reason behind the aggression by federal agents that report to the Obama Administration. An article by Kevin McCullough at relates how grassroots activists contacting members of Congress combined with local pressure and the spotlight of alternative media to draw attention to this issue.

Thank God for the Bundy family. Their stand against tyranny just earned the rest of us a small reprieve from this kind of oppression. Every time a citizen does something like this, we all benefit because the tyrants are put on notice and a deterrent is set that will discourage further “adventures” by other activist agencies and politicians.

Liberty is alive and well, but sometimes someone has to be willing to fight for it, even when they shouldn’t have to. This is further evidence of the presence of an informed and vigilant citizen network. And the naysayers say the tea party is dead. How wrong they are.

As McCullough points out, during the Clinton Administration, the Waco Massacre occurred with little organized opposition. Not so with the federal assault against the Bundy family. Grassroots activists heard about this and spoke up—very quickly.

Five years ago, the tea party movement signaled a renewal of citizen involvement in the political process. The rise of grassroots activism among those seeking to restore our Constitution and fiscal responsibility has continued to this day. All across our land, citizens continue to be engaged—in city councils, with state legislative bodies and agencies and with members of Congress. The movement shows no signs of weakening and will have an impact on the 2014 elections.

Patriots must NEVER be afraid to speak up and stand their ground. That what our nation's founders did, and, in the words of the Declaration of Independence, they pledged "our lives, our fortunes, and our sacred honor." That is the calling of the patriot.

Tyrants operate by fear—partly their own and partly by the fear they instill in others. When patriots stand for freedom, and enough of their fellow citizens join them, the tyrants back down. This is how we win.

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