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"With The Beatles" - Art Exhibit

Local Artists will display their Beatles inspired art work.
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As art goes, so does society in every culture. Art reflects the community, the people, it's troubles and triumphs. Art also celebrates art of every genre that encapsulates the true meaning of creativity. Yet some forms of art have an everlasting effect on more people than most others. One of those is music. And one group of musical artists has captivated more people than any other...The Beatles. And in this celebratory 50th anniversary of The Beatles first appearance on American Television we have seen and continue to see this band and it's incredible catalog of music celebrated and paid tribute to from all avenues of entertainment.

To prove this everlasting influence a group of young artists have decided to band together to curate an exhibit entitled "With The Beatles: An Artistic Tribute Exhibit" at E.S. Studios in East Los Angeles. Known by their fellow artists as "Sketch", "Deadmundo" & "Jake Prendez", I was able to ask these inspiring young men a few questions about what they do to keep art alive in their respective communities and of course...why The Beatles?

Q) What inspired young artists such as yourself to create a Beatles Inspired Exhibit?

A) (Jake) The Beatles and their music transcend time. The Beatles are the bridge that
connects generations. I once went to a Paul McCartney concert with my father and my son. 3 generations into the same music, it was beautiful. The Beatles also changed the world and the way it looked and sounded. What better way to pay tribute to this band then in an environment of pure Beatles sounds and sights.

Q) How long has your group been curating art exhibits and why the move from Echo Park to East L.A.?

A) (Deadmundo) - Sketch had been curating Art Events since 2008 in Cypress Park and I would participate in the shows, until one day him and I decided to partnered up. We began co-curating Art Events in February 2012, and have done shows in San Fernando Valley, Echo Park, Downtown LA, Highland Park, Cypress Park, La Puente, East Los Angeles, and Berkely. Although every city is different, one thing that is universal and doesn't change is the Love and Appreciation for Art. This show we have partnered up with Jake Prendez whom we have work with in the past.

(Jake) I have hosted shows in East LA, Echo Park, San Fernando Valley, San Francisco, Seattle, San Gabriel Valley and the OC. We bring art to the people and make Art Accessible to the community.

Q) Are the Beatles as a group, their music and their images still relevant for today's young artists?

A) (Deadmundo) I believe they are, and they will continue to be, which is why we felt it was very important to do a tribute show with them in mind. ...

(Jake) Again the Beatles transcend time. Each generation seems to be drawn to the Beatles, they bridge generations as baseball once did. The Beatles music was about peace, love, understanding and let me tell you the world sure needs that right now.

Show these artists your support and if you are a fan of The Beatles you really do not want to miss this exhibit. But don't forget, this will only be for one night so put this event on your calendar.

E.S. Studios, 768 Boyle Ave. Boyle Heights CA. 90023

April 26, 2014 8:00PM - 1:00AM All Ages

Music, Beatles Art, Beatles Memorabilia, Vendors

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